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  • Food Allergies Can Be Avoided! How I'm Helping Parents Fight Back

    By: Robert Hamilton, MD

Food Allergies Can Be Avoided! How I'm Helping Parents Fight Back

By: Robert Hamilton, MD

Food Allergies Can Be Avoided! How I'm Helping Parents Fight Back

By: Robert Hamilton, MD

With over 30 years of pediatric experience, Dr. Hamilton recommends Ready, Set, Food! to his patients to help reduce their risk of developing food allergies.


I have practiced pediatrics for over 30 years in the Santa Monica community and have cared for tens of thousands of infants, children, and young adults during my career. Although parenting has always been a challenge, the increasing concern moms and dads have regarding food allergies and the potentially serious consequences they cause has resulted in significant distress amongst my parents.

The fact that food allergies have tripled in recent years and that the majority of this increase has occurred in children with NO family history of allergic risk only augments their worries.

New Research on Food Allergy Prevention

But, amid this not-so-good-news is some very great news! Recent clinical studies have shown that when children are introduced to allergenic foods early and when this exposure is sustained, the risk of developing food allergies can be reduced by up to 80%. 

The risk of developing food allergies can be reduced by up to 80%

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When this data was published (and verified) and the recommendations of the FDA and the NIH changed, I too began instructing my parents to initiate early and sustained introduction of common allergenic foods to their children.  

What I have found in making this recommendation, however, is that parents have a difficult time following early and sustained introduction because they are unable to prepare and have their children eat these common allergenic foods on a consistent basis. As a pediatrician and a parent myself, I understand this. The truth is, it’s tough to both prepare and get children to eat anything 3-4 times a week.  

Why I Recommend Ready, Set, Food!

When I learned about Ready, Set, Food! from my colleague Katie Marks-Cogan, M.D., it was immediately clear to me that it was a product that would help busy parents address the challenge of sustained food allergen exposure. Since Ready, Set, Food! comes in a powder form that can be easily mixed with formula, breast milk, or other foods and targets the three most common food allergens (peanut, egg, and milk), it frees parents from the work (and hassle) of getting children to eat allergenic foods. 

Ready, Set, Food! frees parents from the work (and hassle) of getting children to eat allergenic foods

The Ready, Set, Food! simple numbered packet system makes it easy for parents to start early and sustained allergen introduction in the critical window of 4-11 months and continue until these foods become a regular component of their baby's diet. As a bonus, Ready, Set, Food! is formulated with only natural foods, and is both organic and non-GMO.  Parents will find that this product is safe and gentle on their baby’s tummies.

As an allergy sufferer myself, I understand the discomfort and interruption to daily living that allergies cause. That's why I recommend Ready, Set, Food! to my parents at every 4 month well child visit. 

I recommend Ready, Set, Food! to my parents at every 4 month well child visit



About the author:

Although most famous for his viral phenomenon "How to Calm a Crying Baby" that garnered over 28M views, Robert Hamilton, M.D. is a distinguished and respected pediatrician at Pacific Ocean Pediatrics with over 26 years of experience and author of 7 Secrets of the Newborn: Secrets and (Happy) Surprises of the First Year. In addition, he has also been active in overseas humanitarian medical missions. In 1998, he founded Lighthouse Medical Missions and has led 22 medical mission teams to Africa. Dr. Hamilton and his wife, Leslie, are the proud parents of six children and seven grandchildren. Dr. Hamilton is a member of the scientific advisory board for Ready, Set, Food!



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