Ready, Set, Food! Gives 12,000 Families an Allergy-Free Future
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  • Ready, Set, Food! Helps Give 12,000 Families an Allergy-Free Future in Its First Two Years!

    By: Annie Bunje

Ready, Set, Food! Helps Give 12,000 Families an Allergy-Free Future in Its First Two Years!

By: Annie Bunje

Ready, Set, Food! Helps Give 12,000 Families an Allergy-Free Future in Its First Two Years!

By: Annie Bunje

Ready, Set, Food! turns two today! Learn more about the incredible milestones we've achieved in our first two years and our renewed commitment to an allergy-free future for families like yours. 


June 1, 2020

Ready, Set, Food! turns two today! We’ve had an amazing 2nd year and with the support of our Ready, Set, Food! families, doctors and team, we have made incredible progress on our mission to give children the gift of food freedom.  We’re proud to announce that in only our first two years, we’ve helped save over 1,000 babies from a potentially life threatening food allergy, secured the support of over 1000 pediatricians who recommend Ready, Set, Food! and given 12,000 families the chance at an allergy-free future.  

“On our 2nd birthday, it’s a great opportunity to reflect on our success so far in just our first two years. Our appearance on Shark Tank to secure an investment with Mark Cuban has been an incredible highlight of our success and we’re thrilled to have Mark’s support to shine a spotlight on our vital mission to save 200,000 babies a year from severe food allergies. Now more than ever, we are accelerating our efforts to advance this important mission and transform the lives of children everywhere,” explains CEO Daniel Zakowski.  

Just in the past year, we’ve committed to making food allergy prevention easy and accessible for every parent and want to share just some of our important progress!

  • "I absolutely love this!" - Lori Greiner, ABC’s Shark Tank. We pitched on Shark Tank Season 11 and 4 out of the 5 “Sharks” loved Ready, Set, Food! It was an incredible opportunity to raise awareness for food allergy prevention. Learn more about our Shark Tank journey here
  • From our Shark Tank pitch, we secured an investment with Mark Cuban, an extraordinary and validating moment for our company to make food allergy prevention easy, safe and accessible for all families. 
"Food allergies are a growing problem across the world. I’m excited to partner with Ready, Set, Food! to start to reverse this growing epidemic and make families lives better."
-Mark Cuban, Ready, Set, Food! Investor
  • Rolled out our newest “What’s Your Baby’s Risk” Quiz so parents can receive a custom assessment of their baby’s food allergy risk and personalized resources to prevent 80% of food allergies. 
  • Launched our first e-book, A Parent’s Guide to Food Allergies, to give parents access to practical and evidence-based education on food allergies
  • Partnered with FARE (Food Allergy Research & Education) on a recent webinar, ft Our Chief Allergist Katie Marks-Cogan M.D. and Head of Allergy at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia Jonathan Spergel M.D., to discuss “Early Allergen Introduction to Decrease Food Allergy Risk.” View the webinar here
  • Launched two products, our new Peanut only and Peanut + Egg systems to provide parents with more options to adapt the needs of every child. Learn more about our new systems here
  • Welcomed 4 new members to our team (pictured clockwise below): Lauren Phillips - Head of Healthcare Partnerships, Keela Ross - Customer Success Manager, Ryan Currie - VP, Marketing and Mike Reynoldson - COO/CFO.

  • Established our new Giving Back Program: one subscription purchased = one Donated. Learn more about our commitment to making food freedom accessible to those in need here

 Although we’re proud to celebrate these accomplishments, we have a renewed commitment to an allergy-free future for families like yours. And as an added gift to celebrate our 2nd birthday, we’re making early allergen introduction even easier by offering $20 off any subscription with promo code RSFTURNS2. 


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