Ready. Set. Food! Partners with Helpr to Continue our Commitment to Families

We are excited to partner with Helpr, a family-first company that shares our passion for improving family health. Learn more about Helpr’s solution to family care.

Helpr’s Commitment to Family Care

Helpr’s mission is to help employees care for their families through fully vetted backup childcare networks and employer partnerships. As a global care provider, Helpr works with employers to provide backup childcare as a direct employee benefit.

Most importantly, Helpr is making backup childcare easy for the families who need it.

How it Works

Families use the Helpr app to access backup childcare and adult care. Through employer partnerships, companies can manage backup childcare benefits for all of their employees with care responsibilities while staying in compliance with state and federal law.

Find In-Network Care Takers, or Upload Your Own!

Parents can use the Helpr app to find in-network care providers, upload their own backup care providers (including friends and family!), and track their backup-care use in real-time.

No More Receipt Hoarding

Through the app, families can use their backup childcare and backup adult care benefits, including FSA and HSA funds, without having to keep track of their receipts or worry about reimbursement paperwork.

Why Helpr is Partnering with Ready. Set. Food!

Helpr is partnering with Ready. Set. Food! to support our common commitment to families. With this innovative, allergist-developed system, parents will have the opportunity to introduce allergens safely and easily,.

“We're excited about our partnership with Ready. Set. Food! because we share in the mission to offer families beneficial solutions,” explains Becka Klauber Richter, Co-Founder of Helpr.

Just for Ready. Set. Food! families, get $25 off your first booking with promo code HELPR25

Introduce Allergens Safely and Easily with Ready. Set. Food!

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