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  • Ready, Set, Food! Partners With Sequoia To Help Protect More Employees Against Food Allergies

    By: Jessica Huhn

Ready, Set, Food! Partners With Sequoia To Help Protect More Employees Against Food Allergies

By: Jessica Huhn

Ready, Set, Food! Partners With Sequoia To Help Protect More Employees Against Food Allergies

By: Jessica Huhn

Learn more about how Ready, Set, Food! has partnered with Sequoia as an option to help their network of employers give employees the best defense against food allergies.

Ready, Set, Food! is excited to partner with Sequoia Consulting Group offering its groundbreaking early allergen introduction system as an available option for Sequoia employer clients to check out in the Sequoia Wellbeing Resource Portal. Sequoia clients can now choose to offer Ready, Set, Food! to their employees as a family wellness benefit -- learn more about how!

The Rise In Food Allergies And A Landmark Allergy Prevention Solution

Food allergies are a growing epidemic. More than 1 in 10 Americans suffer from a food allergy, including over 6 million children under the age of 18. These allergies can cost parents up to $4200 every year per food allergic child, and can have life-threatening consequences. Fortunately, three landmark clinical studies show that introducing infants to common food allergens early and often can help reduce their risk of developing a food allergy by up to 80%. These studies have led the National Institutes of Health (NIH) and American Academy of Pediatrics to release new guidelines supporting early, frequent allergen introduction, starting as early as 4-6 months of age.

Sequoia and Ready, Set, Food! Improve The Well-Being of Employees And Their Families

Ready, Set, Food! makes it easy for families to introduce the three most common food allergens (peanut, egg, and milk) in the exact amounts and frequencies recommended by the new clinical guidelines.

“We’re looking forward to helping Sequoia clients and their employees help reduce their baby’s risk of developing a food allergy by up to 80% with Ready, Set, Food!,” says Daniel Zakowski, CEO of  Ready, Set, Food! “We share Sequoia’s commitment to improving families’ health through innovative, proactive wellness solutions, and are proud to be included among the employee benefits available in Sequoia’s Wellbeing Resource Portal. Ready, Set, Food! fits right in with Sequoia’s selection of paradigm-shifting employee benefits. It’s the only fully organic, evidence-based system that introduces multiple allergens to babies. Plus, it easily dissolves into breastmilk or formula, making early allergen introduction simple even if baby is not ready for solid food.”

“Ready, Set, Food! is such an invaluable offering to help parents prevent their children from developing life-threatening food allergies,” says Kaleana Quibell, Director of Wellbeing at Sequoia. “On the employer end, there are real savings for self-insured employers by decreasing the incidence of childhood food allergies. It’s a win-win in my eyes!”

More information about the benefits Ready, Set, Food! offers to employees of Sequoia clients can be found in the image below. Employer clients of Sequoia can access the Wellbeing Resource Portal here to learn more about how they can offer Ready, Set, Food! to their valued employees -- just click on Preferred Vendor Catalog, then Family and learn more!  

Ready, Set, Food! is excited to partner so closely with Sequoia, Snap Inc., and other prominent companies to offer its innovative allergen introduction system as a benefit for employees and their families. Ready, Set, Food’s corporate wellness program is designed to improve the lives of employees and the health of their children. Download the presentation below or email to speak with a Wellness Advisor to learn more.  



About Ready, Set, Food!

Founded by a team of physicians, leading medical experts and parents, Ready, Set, Food! is a groundbreaking solution to childhood food allergy prevention, making it easy for families everywhere to significantly reduce the risk of developing food allergies. Currently, more than 230 pediatricians and allergists recommend Ready, Set, Food!’s evidence-based approach to early allergen introduction in their practices. Although food allergies are on the rise, Ready, Set, Food!’s goal is to help reverse that trend and give families everywhere a head-start towards an allergy-free future.

About Sequoia Consulting Group

Sequoia provides quality health, wellness and retirement benefits, HR & payroll, and risk management services to forward-thinking companies of various sizes. As one of the top benefits and risk management firms in the United States, Sequoia serves over 1,000 paradigm-shifting employers globally, including Cloudflare, Chegg, TaskRabbit, and OpenTable.  Sequoia is dedicated to delivering extraordinary value and innovative solutions for its employer clients and their employees, and matches their drive with its own promise to help them stay happier, healthier, and free from unnecessary risk.



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These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. Products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.  If your infant has severe eczema, check with your infant’s healthcare provider before feeding foods containing ground peanuts.

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