Congress Recognizes the Importance of Early Allergen Introduction

Learn more about the important work from the House of Representatives in introducing a resolution to designate May 28 as Food Allergy Prevention Awareness Day to raise awareness for food allergies and the new USDA guidelines on early allergen introduction.

Ready. Set. Food!'s Commitment To Raising Awareness on Early Allergen Introduction

“With more than 32 million suffering from a food allergy today, we’re committed to shining a light on how the serious impact of food allergies in our country underlines the need for early introduction of food allergens to address this troubling epidemic,” explains Daniel Zakowski, CEO and Co-Founder of Ready. Set. Food!. “Thanks to the leadership of Representatives Julia Brownley, Doris Matsui and Ro Khanna, Food Allergy Prevention Awareness Day marks an important step towards advancing our commitment and generating more awareness about this public health crisis for parents, health care providers and most importantly, the babies.”

Food Allergy Prevention Awareness Day: Congressional Resolution

Today, the U.S. House of Representatives declared Friday, May 28, 2021 National Food Allergy Prevention Awareness Day. This resolution, sponsored by Congresswoman Julia Brownley, Congressman Ro Khanna, and Congresswoman Doris Matsui, was introduced to raise awareness of the growing epidemic of childhood food allergies and to encourage universal alignment the USDA guidelines of early allergen introduction in babies, which seamlessly aligns with Ready. Set. Food!’s mission to give babies the best chance at a healthier future.

“We can no longer afford the human and economic costs of food allergies…,” stated Congresswoman Julia Brownley. This resolution is intended to bring awareness to the impact that food allergies have on individuals and families, as well as restaurants, retailers, and food manufacturers, and to encourage more research on effective prevention treatments. At the same time, the California State Assembly has designated May 28, 2021 as California’s first ever Food Allergy Prevention Awareness Day in support of this growing national epidemic.

The following members are co-leading this resolution:


Member of Congress


Member of Congress


Member of Congress

View the full resolution here and join our mission to save 200,000 babies a year from severe food allergies.

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