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  • Why The Dose Matters For Food Allergy Prevention

    By: Annie Bunje

Why The Dose Matters For Food Allergy Prevention

By: Annie Bunje

Why The Dose Matters For Food Allergy Prevention

By: Annie Bunje

A crucial factor to consider in early allergen introduction is dosage -- how much you feed your child of each allergen. Learn why the dose matters for food allergy prevention.

Landmark research has shown that introducing allergens early and often can significantly reduce your child’s risk of developing a food allergy. But how can parents follow this new research at home to ensure these same preventative benefits? One of the many important factors to consider is the dosage, or how much you feed your child of each allergen, and the schedule, or how that dosage should change over time.

Here’s why the dose matters for food allergy prevention:

Graded System Maximizes Safety

Our system starts with an ultra-low dose before gently increasing to the amount used in clinical studies.  As a result, the initial allergen exposures are much more gentle than what families typically feed their infants. For example, our initial doses are equivalent to less than 1 teaspoon of yogurt or cow’s milk, 1/8th teaspoon of peanut butter, & 1/250th of a cooked egg.

Effective Dosing

The dose response curves from the landmark EAT (Enquiring About Tolerance) study below strongly support that dose matters. That’s why Ready, Set, Food! uses the exact protein amounts studied in the landmark clinical trials on early and sustained allergen exposure. (A dose response curve is a curve plotting the relationship between a dose and its effect, specifically the probability of a food allergy in the chart below.)

Maintenance Weekly Dosage in Landmark Clinical Studies v. Early Allergen Introduction Systems

Stepwise Introduction 

Lastly, our stepwise approach to early allergen introduction allows families to introduce one allergen at a time over several days, which follows recommendations from the AAP and CDC.     

Ready, Set, Food! Is Pediatrician-Approved and Trusted by Moms

Because we've developed a product that’s not only safe but also effective, we’ve earned the trust of both pediatricians and moms alike. Over 500 pediatricians and allergists already recommend Ready, Set, Food! in their office; learn more about our endorsements from the medical community here. Furthermore, our medical advisory team is comprised of nationally recognized allergists and pediatricians, who oversee product development as well as our outreach to the medical community.  You can see the bios from our medical team here.

In addition, we’re proud to have the support of moms who know that Ready, Set, Food! gives their child the best defense against food allergies. Read testimonials from Ready, Set, Food! families here.   





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