For Health Care Providers: Using Ready, Set, Food! Education Materials
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  • For Health Care Providers: Using Ready, Set, Food! Education Materials

    By: Lauren Phillips

For Health Care Providers: Using Ready, Set, Food! Education Materials

By: Lauren Phillips

For Health Care Providers: Using Ready, Set, Food! Education Materials

By: Lauren Phillips

Ready, Set, Food! Food Allergy Prevention Kits

The Ready, Set, Food! food allergy prevention kits have become an essential part of the provider experience when discussing early allergen introduction with patients and are currently used at 500+ healthcare offices around the United States.

The kit contains supplies and materials for health care providers to discuss and provide educational information on the easiest way to start introducing the 3 most common allergens in children (cows milk, egg, and peanut) at 4-6+ months. 

The purpose of the kit is to ensure education on early allergen introduction is available to your patients to help prevent food allergies. 

The kit includes two types of materials: 1) materials for the provider and 2) materials for your parents/patients. All parents/patients should be provided educational materials for at home use. Other materials should be used only in the providers office when discussing Ready, Set, Food! and educating your patient on early allergen introduction. 

What’s Included In Each of Your Food Allergy Prevention Kits

Items for your practice

- Each kit includes (1) Stage 1 - 15 Day Intro box (Peanut, Egg, and Milk) and (1) Stage 1 - 30 Day Box (Peanut, Egg Only). We suggest the following when reviewing: 

  • Take a stick packet, add to bottle, and shake to dissolve. Demonstrate the process for your patients. Remember, your patients should use the product once daily, empty the packet into a bottle of breast milk, formula, or water (2-4oz). Stir or shake for at least 10 seconds or until dissolved and can also be mixed with food. 
  • Taste the product, we have great reviews that infants love our product and we suggest all providers to take a taste and know too!
  • Keep stick packets in each office you speak to patients. It’s great to have stick packets in each room when discussing early allergen introduction. 
- (1) A Parent's Guide to Food Allergies Book  - Developed by Chief Allergist, Dr. Katie Marks-Cogan, this 32 page book provides healthcare providers a great way to show your patients general education about food allergies and prevention. Our book includes a lot of pictures for easy use!

- (3) Provider Educational Flyer - A helpful resource on the growing impact of IgE-mediated food allergies in children and the science behind early and sustained food allergen introduction.  

Educational Handouts and coupons for your patients

- (25) Five Food Allergy Questions to Discuss with your Patients - We know how vital you are in helping parents make decisions about their baby’s nutrition and health. As a nice take home, have your patients learn 5 food allergy prevention questions to discuss with you before or at their baby's 4-month visit. Each visit has so much information, it's nice to keep a list of questions that may have been forgotten. 

- (25) Patient Education Flyer - Babies with eczema and family history are at an increased risk for developing food allergies. Make sure to provide your patients with this information so they can understand their baby’s risk of developing food allergies with this handout and by taking our risk quiz.

- (50) Patient Coupon - Ready, Set, Food! Health care partners receive an exclusive offer ($25 off a 6 month subscription) for your patients. Please provide your patients this exclusive coupon before leaving the office. We suggest having the office manager keep coupons in the waiting room and provide your patients with a coupon prior to leaving the office.

- (50) Giving Back Program Coupon booklet - Ready, Set, Food! believes that every family should have access to food allergy prevention. Qualifying families will receive a 6 Month Subscription to Ready, Set, Food! ($300 value) in addition to ongoing support from our team of food allergy experts. Qualifying families with a 3-11 month old include: SNAP-eligible families, EBT-eligible families, and/or families who have lost their income due to COVID-19


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