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"We developed Ready, Set, Food! for our children"


Chief Allergist Dr. Katie Marks-Cogan and her son, David


As a board-certified allergist, I’ve seen firsthand how families struggle with food allergies. Thankfully, findings from recent landmark studies have shown that by feeding allergens early and often, we can help reverse the troubling rise in food allergies. So when my son David was 5 months old, I prepared a week’s worth of egg, peanut, and yogurt snacks every Sunday night. It was time consuming and frustrating, especially because the majority of what I offered my son to eat ended up either on my kitchen floor. It was discouraging, but I was inspired to find a solution to the challenges of early and sustained allergen introduction. As physicians and parents, we developed Ready, Set, Food! for our children, because we wanted to make early and sustained allergy exposure safe and easy. Join our food freedom movement to make early allergen introduction as easy and safe as possible for families like yours!





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The easiest way to follow the new allergen introduction guidelines!

Mix-In Food

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“Introducing Woody to a new level of allergens was as easy as mixing it into his oatmeal or yogurt everyday - a simple step to help ensure that he can enjoy a lifetime of eating worry-free…"

Woody's Mom

Top 3 FAQs

1. When should I start Stage 3?
You should start Stage 3 when your baby is consistenly eating solids. With our Ready, Set, Food! plan, Stage 3 is a natural progression for when you baby completes Stage 2 or is consistently eating solid foods. If your baby is not consistently eating solids, Stage 1/2 offers a great way to feed your baby the most important allergens through a bottle of breastmilk or formula.

2. Why aren't the Stage 3 allergens in Stage 1 and 2?
This is because peanut, egg, and milk make up 80% of childhood food allergies and can be easily introduced early and often through breastmilk or formula, as per the USDA Guideline recommendations. Stage 3 includes the top 9 allergy-causing foods for children and represent 90% of childhood food allergies and can be easily mixed into solids when your baby starts to consistenly eat solids.

3. If my child didn't have Stage 1 and 2, can they start on Stage 3 if they are old enough?
Yes they can, as long as they are consistently eating solids then Stage 3 is a great way to frequently feed your baby the top 9 childhood food allergies. If you haven't fed your baby peanut, egg, and milk prior to purchasing Stage 3 and you would like help introducing those allergens one at a time, then you can purchase one month of Stage 1 by itself on Amazon: