Myths vs. Facts

The truth about food allergies!

Food allergies can NOT be prevented

Many people believe that food allergies are fate, especially if you have food allergies in your family.

MOST food allergies can be prevented

Up to 80% of food allergies can be prevented, and medical professionals all say babies should eat allergens early and often to prevent allergies

Breastfeeding is enough to prevent food allergies

Since breastmilk is nutritious, many people believe breastmilk is enough to protect against food allergies

Breastfeeding does NOT prevent food allergies

Breastfeeding is wonderful for parents who can do it, but has not been shown to prevent food allergies.

Only some babies are at risk for a food allergy

Many parents think that their baby is only at risk for a food allergy if another family member has a food allergy.

All babies are at risk for a food allergy

1 in 12 babies will get a food allergy, and the biggest risk factor is if your baby has eczema, because 1 in 3 babies with eczema will get a food allergy.

No Mess. Safe. Organic. Feed Allergens Early.

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