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What allergens are included with Organic Oat & Fruit Bars?

Our Organic Oat & Fruit bars include 8 top allergens: Peanut, Egg, Milk, Soy, Sesame, Walnut, Almond, and Cashew.

What flavors do the Organic Oat & Fruit Bars come in?

Our Oat & Fruit bars are currently available in Peanut Butter Strawberry and Apple Cinnamon flavors.

Can I eat the Ready. Set. Food! Mix-ins, Oatmeal or Bars on the same day?

If you have already introduced allergens to your baby, you can use Ready. Set. Food! Stages 2 and 3 Mix-ins, Organic Baby Oatmeal, or our snacks on the same day to maintain the exposure. If you have not introduced allergens, it is recommended to start with Stage 1 Mix-ins first before expanding exposure to other allergens with our other products.

When do I use the Organic Oat & Fruit bars?

After introducing the top allergens, it is recommended to continue to maintain exposure to these allergens until these foods become part of your child’s everyday diet. In addition to serving your little one a diverse diet, our bars provide another safe and tasty option to maintain the allergens once your baby is ready for solids. If you are already feeding your baby 9 of the top allergens in Stage 3 or Oatmeal, when your child is ready, just add our new Organic Oat & Fruit Bars to your child’s regular diet. Our Bars have 8 of the same allergens - peanut, egg, milk, cashew, almond, walnut, sesame, and soy - already in every tasty bite. 

Our Bars are recommended for ages 12 months and up. This product should be fed to seated, supervised children who are accustomed to eating solid foods. It is recommended to feed to children who: 

  • Stand or walk without support 
  • Can feed self with fingers 
  • Have developed back teeth and can chew through a variety of foods

What are some of the additional benefits of Organic Oat & Fruit Bars?

Organic Oat & Fruit Bars are also:

  • Low Fat 
  • Low Saturated Fat 
  • Low Cholesterol 
  • Low Sodium 
  • Good source of Protein 
  • Good source of Iron


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