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We developed Ready, Set, Food! for our
children. Now we’re bringing it to yours

As physicians and parents, we each wanted to give our babies
the best defense against developing food allergies. But we struggled.

"Early and sustained introduction is hard to do on your own"

"Early and sustained introduction is hard to do on your own"

Dr. Katie and her son, David

I’m an allergist and mother of two. When my son David was an infant, I introduced him to allergenic foods early and often. I couldn’t believe how much work it was! Every week, I spent several hours compiling and measuring foods only to hope my son would actually eat them. I knew there was a better way. Together with Andy and a team of leading pediatricians, allergists, and food scientists, I developed the formulation behind Ready, Set, Food! to make early and sustained allergen introduction easy for busy families and picky eaters.

"We didn’t start early enough"

"We didn’t start early enough"

Dr. Andy and his son, Abe

My son, Abe, had his first severe allergic reaction to peanut butter at the age of 6 months. Even though we knew about the recent studies supporting early and sustained introduction, starting at 6 months was simply too late for Abe. He had missed a critical immune window and now suffers from multiple food allergies. I’m passionate about turning Abe’s struggle into a mission to help families prevent food allergies before they start.

"For early and sustained introduction to work, we had to make it easy for families to get started and keep going"

Andy Leitner MD & Katie Marks-Cogan MD

Meet our team

We are a group of physicians, scientists, and parents who
are passionate about ending the food allergy epidemic.

Our principles

  • All natural
  • Transparent
  • Safer
  • Compliant
  • Evidence-based
  • All-natural

    Our ingredients are and always will be sourced from real foods that are organic, non-GMO, and with no artificial additives. Your baby deserves nothing less.

  • Transparent

    You want to know exactly what you’re giving your baby. We feel the same way, and that’s why we use our product on our own children. Please visit our Supplement Facts section for details

  • Safer

    Ready, Set, Food! goes through vigorous product testing to comply with the most stringent manufacturing practices. Our formulation was developed and endorsed by expert allergists and pediatricians.

  • Compliant

    Our product complies with all guidelines from the American Academy of Pediatrics and National Institutes of Health regarding infant feeding and introduction of allergenic foods.

  • Evidence-based

    Landmark studies from the last few years form the foundation of our work. We will always be committed to doing what the science says. To learn more, see our Science page.

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