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Organic Puffs FAQs

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How many RSF! Organic Puffs can my baby eat in a single day?

Our puffs are a snack product and are intended to help children thrive with exposure to healthy and diverse ingredients. We recommend a diverse diet for all children, so eating all foods in moderation is always beneficial. Eating too many of any one type of food doesn’t leave room for other nutritious and diet-diverse foods in little tummies.

When can I start using RSF! Organic Puffs?

After introducing allergens, you can use our Organic Puffs to help maintain the exposure. Our Organic Puffs are recommended for ages 8 months and up. This product should be fed to seated, supervised children who are accustomed to eating solid foods. Your baby may be ready for puffs when they can use their fingers to pick up and eat foods, use their jaw to chew foods and crawl without their tummy touching the ground.

Is there any added sugar in RSF! Organic Puffs?

There is no added sugar in our Organic Puffs. To view the nutritional facts on each of our Organic Puffs, click here for the Peanut Butter flavor and click here for the Daniel Tiger Apple Cinnamon flavor.

What is the allergen dose of each serving of RSF! Organic Puffs?

Each serving of puffs is equivalent to ½ serving of Stage 3 Mix-Ins packets.

How are RSF! Organic Puffs different from peanut puffs that aren’t labeled for toddlers?

Ready. Set. Food! Organic Puffs are designed with a softer, easy to dissolve texture that is easier for babies to eat and contains top 9 allergens to help maintain exposure and encourage diet diversity.Our Organic Peanut Butter Puffs contain 10mg sodium per 7g serving, and Daniel Tiger Apple Cinnamon Puffs contain 5mg sodium per 7g serving, which has less sodium than snacks designed for adults and older children. A leading peanut puff contains 28mg sodium per 7g, and other leading toddler snacks contain 25-35mg sodium per serving.

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