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Stage 3

Top 9 allergens for when your baby is consistently eating solid food.

• Peanuts, Eggs, Milk, Soy, Wheat & Tree Nuts

• Organic. More Protein. No Added Sugar.

• No Mess. Always Safe.

• Mix in with food

Introducing More Allergens

A future of adventurous eating is as easy and safe as...

Mix-In Food

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“Introducing Woody to a new level of allergens was as easy as mixing it into his oatmeal or yogurt everyday - a simple step to help ensure that he can enjoy a lifetime of eating worry-free…"

Woody's Mom

Top 3 FAQs

1. When should I start Stage 3?
You should start Stage 3 when your baby is consistenly eating solids. With our Ready, Set, Food! plan, Stage 3 is a natural progression for when you baby completes Stage 2 or is consistently eating solid foods. If your baby is not consistently eating solids, Stage 1/2 offers a great way to feed your baby the most important allergens through a bottle of breastmilk or formula.

2. Why aren't the Stage 3 allergens in Stage 1 and 2?
This is because peanut, egg, and milk make up 80% of childhood food allergies and can be easily introduced early and often through breastmilk or formula, as per the USDA Guideline recommendations. Stage 3 includes the top 9 allergy-causing foods for children and represent 90% of childhood food allergies and can be easily mixed into solids when your baby starts to consistenly eat solids.

3. If my child didn't have Stage 1 and 2, can they start on Stage 3 if they are old enough?
Yes they can, as long as they are consistently eating solids then Stage 3 is a great way to frequently feed your baby the top 9 childhood food allergies. If you haven't fed your baby peanut, egg, and milk prior to purchasing Stage 3 and you would like help introducing those allergens one at a time, then you can purchase one month of Stage 1 by itself on Amazon:  

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• Top 3 allergens - Peanuts, eggs, milk
• Mix into bottle or food
• Month 1 of system
• Top 3 allergens
• Mix into bottle or food
• Month 2-6 of system
• Into top 9 allergens
• Mix into any solid food
• Month 7+ of system