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  • For infants 4-11 months
  • 30 daily stickpacks per month
  • Only organic peanut, egg, and milk
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Did you know that 1 in 13 children today will develop a food allergy, and over 50% don't have a family history? Science now shows you can prevent food allergies in your baby before they start. Our flexible subscription makes it easy.

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Our ingredients are ONLY organic, non-GMO peanut, egg, and milk...nothing else. See how natural and gentle allergen introduction can be. Your baby deserves nothing less!

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We’re proud to have the support of loyal moms (and dads!) who trust that Ready, Set, Food! offers the best defense against childhood food allergies.

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The easiest way to follow the new allergen introduction guidelines!

Gentle 15 day intro

Gradually introduce one food at a time, building up the amount

Continue for 6+ months

Sustain exposure to reduce the chance of developing a food allergy

The easiest way to follow the new allergen introduction guidelines!

Gentle 15 day intro

Gradually introduce one food at a time, building up the amount

Continue for 6+ months

Sustain exposure to reduce the chance of developing a food allergy

Buy Now: 50% Off

Common FAQs

What is early allergen introduction, and what does it mean for my baby?

Early allergen introduction is the process of gradually introducing common allergenic foods to your baby as early as four months of age. For years, physicians had advised parents to delay introducing their infants to highly allergenic foods like peanuts, eggs, and dairy in an effort to ward off allergies.

However, recent groundbreaking clinical trials have offered scientific evidence that there is no benefit to delaying introduction of allergenic foods like peanuts, eggs, and cow’s milk to infants beyond 4 to 6 months of age. In fact, the data demonstrates that delaying the introduction of these foods may increase your baby’s risk of developing allergies. Therefore, early and sustained introduction of allergenic foods can help prevent food allergies.

I consistently consumed peanut, egg, and milk during pregnancy and/or while breastfeeding. Do I still need to do early allergen introduction?

Currently, doctors and scientists do not believe that specific maternal diets during pregnancy or breastfeeding are enough to reduce the risk of food allergies, but this area is still being studied.

Although breastfeeding imparts countless benefits for mother and child and is highly recommended when possible, there is still inconclusive evidence proving that breastfeeding alone can reduce a baby’s risk of developing food allergies. Therefore, in addition to breastfeeding, early and sustained allergen introduction is recommended as a part of a baby’s feeding routine, regardless of the mother's diet.

Do you only offer subscription plans? Is there a one-time purchase option?

Yes, on our website we only offer subscription plans. That means that when you order a product from us, you are signing up for a recurring subscription where you’ll receive one box of Ready, Set, Food! right to your door each month, and your credit card will be charged each subsequent month until you cancel.

If you’re not ready to commit to a recurring monthly subscription plan, we do offer a one-time purchase option which you can purchase directly on Amazon. Please note that since the key to food allergy prevention is regular, sustained exposure over time, we highly recommend our suite of subscription plans.

How long would I need to use Ready, Set, Food! to ensure the most effectiveness of early allergen introduction?

The clinical trials and current guidelines recommend 3 to 6+ months of regular, sustained exposure to common allergenic foods. In fact, in the LEAP study, babies were exposed to allergens for 4 years! It all depends on when a parent begins early allergen introduction, but the right time to finish early allergen introduction is when a baby is regularly consuming peanut, egg, and dairy at least three times per week through solid food. For many families, this will be about 6 months from starting.

Could my baby have a reaction to the product? If so, what could it be?

For many babies, Ready, Set, Food! will be their first exposure to food other than breast milk or formula. Our system gradually introduces one food at a time, starting with a very small amount of each allergenic protein. Our starting amounts are significantly less than what families typically first feed their infants, equivalent to ~1 teaspoon of milk, 1/8th teaspoon of peanut butter, or 1/250th of an egg.

We are confident our system is the most safe and methodical approach, but in some cases, non-life threatening reactions such as hives or an itchy rash may occur, as with any new feeding routine. Not every baby who experiences symptoms after eating certain foods has a food allergy or needs to avoid that food entirely, but if your child experiences an allergic reaction within two hours of consumption, immediately discontinue Ready, Set, Food! and consult your child's pediatrician. Proper evaluation by your pediatrician and/or an allergist can help sort out the likelihood of an allergy and the appropriate next steps.


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