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Daniel Tiger knows the challenges of living with a food allergy and Ready. Set. Food! is helping make sure that all friends can live a life of food freedom. Ready. Set. Food!’s complete system of products were made to help all families introduce common food allergens early and often just like pediatricians recommend. Now that's grr-ific!

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Can you explain your partnership with Daniel Tiger?

Daniel Tiger knows the challenges of living with a food allergy, and he's teaming up with Ready. Set. Food! to help make sure that all friends can live a life of food freedom. Ready. Set. Food! partnered with Daniel Tiger to help parents take the mess and stress out of allergen introduction so all babies can achieve a healthier future.

Which products are available with Daniel Tiger?

Ready. Set. Food! x Daniel Tiger products are available in Peanut Butter Strawberry Organic Baby Oatmeal, Blueberry Banana Organic Oat & Fruit Bars, and Apple Cinnamon Organic Puffs.

How many servings of fruit are included in each Organic Oat & Fruit Bar?

Each Peanut Butter Strawberry bar contains the equivalent of 1 whole date and 1 whole strawberry, which equals about 1/2 to 1/4 of the daily recommended servings of fruit for toddlers. 

Each Apple Cinnamon bar contains 1 date and the equivalent of 1/8 of a small apple, which is about 1/4 of the daily servings of fruit for a toddler.

The Banana Blueberry bar is ¼ of a toddler serving of fruit. Each Banana Blueberry bar contains the equivalent of 1 date, 1 blueberry, and about one small slice of banana.

What is Ready. Set. Food! Baby Oatmeal?

Guidelines from leading medical organizations recommend feeding your baby allergens on a daily basis. Our Baby Oatmeal is a safe and easy solution to help follow the new leading medical guidelines that recommend introducing allergens early and often while giving your child a nutritious and healthy meal. Ready. Set. Food! Baby Oatmeal contains 100% organic milled whole grain oats and includes all of the 9 allergens also found in our Stage 3 Mix-ins:

Peanut, Egg, Milk, Cashew (tree nut), Almond (tree nut), Walnut (tree nut), Sesame, Soy, Wheat

These top allergens account for ~90% of all childhood food allergies and follow recommendations from the USDA Guidelines to "introduce infants to potentially allergenic foods." As parents ourselves, our goal is to make early allergen introduction as simple, mess-free, and convenient as possible; our Baby Oatmeal is the perfect solution for busy families.

Why is Ready. Set. Food! the best way to introduce allergens?

Ready. Set. Food! is the best option for introducing allergens because we make the process simple. It is important to note that for early allergen introduction parents need to frequently feed allergenic foods such as peanut, egg, and milk to their babies. Parents have found that trying to do this on their own is difficult and time-consuming, which is why we've created Ready. Set. Food! to help make early allergen introduction easy.

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