Baby Sunshine enjoys some puree with allergens


Keela learned about early allergen introduction from her pediatrician. However, after exploring how to do this on her own, she was worried that she wouldn't be able to introduce allergens safely & effectively. Ready. Set. Food! took the guesswork out of this process and provided her peace of mind when introducing allergens to her little one Sunshine, who now eats all kinds of foods.

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We start with real food

Introduce early & often

Pediatricians, allergists, and national associations- USDA and AAAAI – all support early food allergen introduction in babies as early as 4 months of age. Babies have a chance at a healthier future if they continue with daily exposure until these allergens become part of the baby’s regular diet.

Allergen Introduction just got easier

Our Mix-ins supply you with pre-measured daily packets of top allergens that can be added to any bottle or food for the ultimate in feeding flexibility. We also have a line of Organic Baby Oatmeal, available in a variety of tasty flavors, with 9 of the top allergens already blended into every tasty bite. Or, when baby is ready for more textures, our Organic Oat & Fruit Bars include 8 top allergens mixed in with wholegrain oats and real fruit for a yummy snack with a purpose. Now that’s easy and convenient!

Just real, organic food

Ready. Set. Food! Mix-Ins, Baby Oatmeal and Oat & Fruit Bars are all just tasty, real organic food – nothing artificial. Stage 3 Mix-Ins, Oatmeal and Bars are higher in protein for added nutritional value.

Up to 9 of the top allergens

Peanut, egg, milk, cashew, almond, walnut, sesame, soy and wheat comprise ~90% of the potential allergies that develop in children. These are the allergens that are introduced in many of the Ready. Set. Food! products.

Every early allergen introduction journey is as unique as your little one.

Early allergen introduction is a process that evolves as your baby grows. Ready. Set. Food! has a solution for you at each stage along the way. No matter where you and your baby are on this path, Ready. Set. Food! can help.


We created Ready. Set. Food! so that parents could have access to a safe and easy way to introduce their babies to allergens and help them achieve a healthier future.

3 Boxes of Ready. Set. Food! Mix-Ins

Bottle & Food Mix-ins

Introduce peanut, egg and milk gradually and one at a time, then grow exposure to 9 top allergens.

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3 Pouches of Ready. Set. Food! Oatmeal

Organic Baby Oatmeal

Our award-winning Organic Baby Oatmeal has 9 top allergens already mixed inside.

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2 Ready. Set. Food! Oat & Fruit Bars

Organic Oat & Fruit Bars

These yummy toddler snacks feature 8 top allergens for easy allergen maintenance.

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