Our Shark Tank Journey & Protecting Babies | Ready, Set, Food!
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Protecting Babies from 80% of Food Allergies… On Shark Tank!

A Note From our CEO Daniel Zakowski

Photo: Shark Tank

Being on Shark Tank is such an exciting achievement for Ready, Set, Food! and an incredible opportunity to advance our mission of saving 200,000 babies per year from developing food allergies. It’s been a whirlwind experience, from auditioning for Shark Tank in September all the way to airing on Season 11 and making a deal with Mark Cuban. After months of preparation, we’re so grateful for the opportunity to gain the trust and partnership of Mark Cuban and promote the important research on food allergy prevention.

"Food allergies are a growing problem across the world. I’m excited to partner with Ready, Set, Food! to start to reverse this growing epidemic and make families' lives better."
-Mark Cuban

Swimming With The Sharks: They Love Ready, Set, Food!

Our Shark Tank journey started months ago with an audition tape and a commitment to leveraging this opportunity to raise awareness for food allergy prevention. We admittedly were excited to partner with any of the Sharks, but we always had our sights set on making a deal with Mark Cuban. Not only does Mark share our passion for improving health for families everywhere, but he also has unparalleled industry connections and experience. Even after months of maintaining laser focus on securing a deal in the Tank, our actual filming day felt like organized chaos. After our pitch and what felt like a lightning round of questions from the sharks, we received offers from 3 of the 5 sharks. Fast forward and we found ourselves shaking hands with Mark Cuban and feeling shell shocked from the success of our experience with Shark Tank.

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Beyond the Tank: Our Renewed Commitment to Ending Food Allergies

While we’re excited to celebrate these achievements, we have a renewed commitment and focus on our mission of giving families everywhere the gift of food freedom with Ready, Set, Food! To showcase that commitment, we’re establishing a philanthropic program to help give every parent the tools to protect their child from a food allergy by donating one set of Ready, Set, Food! for every product set sold. Our company was founded to provide the peace of mind all parents need when their babies begin the introduction of solid food, which is why we are committed to launching this donation program in partnership with Mark Cuban in order to make our product accessible to those in need. If you'd like to learn more about our partnership with Mark Cuban, read our press release here.

If you have a 4-11 month old baby, subscribe now to Ready, Set, Food! to give your child the best defense against food allergies! If you are pregnant or have friends or family with babies, visit our gifting page to give Ready, Set, Food! as a gift or add it to your registry!