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  • Is Feeding My Baby Rice Cereal Safe?

    Learn why rice cereal isn’t the best or safest option for a baby’s first food, and find out healthier, safer...

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  • Why The Dose Matters For Food Allergy Prevention

    A crucial factor to consider in early allergen introduction is dosage -- how much you feed your child of each...

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  • FDA Approves Palforzia for Peanut Allergy Treatment

    The FDA recently approved Palforzia for peanut allergy treatment. Learn what it is, side effects and costs, and why it...

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  • Leading Allergists Call On USDA To Change Dietary Guidelines on Childhood Allergies

    Group Argues Overwhelming Evidence Supports Exposing Infants To Allergenic Foods Is Safe And May Reduce Risk of Allergies LOS ANGELES–February...

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