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  • A Parent's Guide to Shrimp Allergy: Shellfish Allergy Breakdown For Families

    Learn what shrimp allergy is, how shrimp allergy is connected with other allergies to shellfish, what shrimp allergy symptoms look...

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  • 3 Recipes for Introducing Cow’s Milk to Baby

    Learn how to introduce cow's milk to your baby to help prevent milk allergy, the most common food allergy in infants...

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  • Reflux & Spitting Up: What to do when your baby can’t keep food down

    Nearly half of all GERD cases for babies under one year of age are caused by milk allergies. Keep reading...

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  • Spoonful(One) Of Sugar: Does SpoonfulOne Follow New USDA Guidelines?

    Learn about the USDA’s new guidelines on avoiding added sugar for babies under 2, how SpoonfulOne doesn't meet these guidelines by...

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