Preventing Food Allergies: Why Moms Trust Ready, Set, Food!
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Preventing Childhood Food Allergies: Why Moms Trust Ready, Set, Food!

Learn why Ready, Set, Food! has earned the trust of loyal moms and dads who want to reduce their babies' risk of developing food allergies.

As parents ourselves, we know how important it is to earn parents’ trust. That’s why we’re proud to have the support of loyal moms (and dads!) who trust that Ready, Set, Food! offers the best defense against childhood food allergies. The choices you’re making for your child will not only help give them the best early nutrition, but also their first steps towards a lifetime free of allergies. 

Meet our amazing moms who trust
Ready, Set, Food! to give their babies the best chance at an #allergyfree future!

"My baby's pediatrician said it was okay for her to start solids at 4 months, and I knew how important early allergy introduction was, but that baby was just not ready to eat! She's a late bloomer who is just now starting to accept solids at 7 months. I was so grateful to find a product that can be mixed with milk instead of having to wait until the baby could eat solid foods and potentially miss the window to prevent allergies.  I also really appreciated the clarity of the labeling and the step-by-step allergen introduction it lays out. If a kid does have a reaction to a new food, it's so important to be able to let the ER know what it was. I found this product to be a lot clearer than some others I looked at, and it introduces things one at a time instead of a bunch of ingredients all at once." 

"Ready, Set, Food has not only helped to introduce the most common allergens to my baby, but it has given me some peace of mind! Knowing that I am being proactive in preventing my baby from developing a food allergy, makes me worry less about the foods Henry is eating. And it’s so easy to use! This product is genius!" 

"I started my daughter on the packets at 5 months. It has proven to be the easiest way to expose her to peanut, egg, and dairy, and has given me such peace of mind. I am blown away by the professionalism of this company, the in-depth research they have performed, the phenomenal and quick service, and how well the product works! I am so grateful to not have to stress about getting my son to eat all of these items every day. I am recommending this product to all of my friends, and will use with all my future children! Thank you Ready Set Food!!" 

"While doing research on introducing peanut, milk and egg slowly into my sons diet, I found that this company offered the best product and its organic, which was also very important to me as well. I found it to be super easy and convenient. I would mix it in with his oatmeal in the morning and he never had any issue eating it. I love the idea that he will be 80% less likely to develop a food allergy and that is why I chose Ready, Set, Food. The people behind this company are incredible, they answer my emails so quickly so that says a lot and made me feel very comfortable. I have been recommending this to all my mom friends and will definitely continue using it for the entire 6 months, like they recommend." 

Learn more about our allergist-mom developed and mom-approved approach to early allergen introduction here. To find out how Ready, Set, Food! makes early allergen introduction easy, visit our How it Works page.





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Protect your baby from 80% of food allergies